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Get car worked on ANYWHERE as long as it's a certified technician. Well, one time we were at a car dealership too close within the business where we purchased the used car. Another time we were supposed to ask for the warranty to be applied before service performed. Asked ahead and received payment for a motor mount except for the $100 we were liable for. Thought most everything covered but they DID NOT pay for recent shifter being...
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They are nothing but a rip off. I paid almost $2600 for the Platinum Warranty and it barely covered anything. Not I have to pay an additional $2600 out of pocket to get my car fixed .
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Alex_Drasil Hello, and thank you for your feedback. We would love the opportunity to look into your claim and discuss your experience. In order to do so, we will need some additional info...

Good Experience; Air conditioner evaporator replaced on 2010 Ram 1500, a $1500 job with a deductible $100. Well pleased. Very Bad Experience. I had the lifetime power train warranty, on the 2010 Ram 1 Had a hydraulic valve lifter freeze up and took out the cam at 122,401 miles. The vehicle was bought from Nyle Maxwell in Austin TX, the problem occurred at Port Lavaca TX. The Dodge dealership in Port Lavaca didn't check with EFG prior to...
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jward I was surprised and pleased, that a representative of EFG corp. contacted me. I went over the reason for my complaint. about a week later the rep contacted me again and made a...

I liked
  • Ac evaporator replaced promptly
I didn't like
  • Warrenty not honored on a technecality